Today, institutions cannot be expected to dominate any legal arrangement that may affect their profitability. Specifically, the legislation every day change in Turkey, where they create legally effective and powerful business environment without compromising the company time and resources related to the main areas of activity are tax perspective can feel safe is not possible. Our consultancy, which provides services in the field of Financial Consultancy for Tax and Accounting applications, aims to provide all kinds of support for our customers to enjoy all the rights that are legally recognized and to comply with the frequently changing legislation.

In the light of this understanding, our customers are provided with the professional information and consultancy services they need in the areas of Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Income Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law, Incentive Legislation, Labor Law and Social Insurance Legislation. The main topics covering the content of these services are presented to your attention below.

Consultancy Services for Domestic and Foreign Investors

Within the scope of our consultancy services, our customers are provided with information about the legal obligations regarding the legislation, which are given below, and they are helped to have an idea about tax laws and other regulations whenever they need and to create an effective and secure business systematic in their decisions.

Corporate Tax Legislation

Income Tax Legislation

VAT Legislation

Double Taxation Agreements

Stamp duty

Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax

Real Estate Tax Legislation

Other Indirect Taxes Excluding Customs Tax

Foreign Exchange Legislation

Investment and Export Incentive Legislation

Business rules

Social Security Legislation

Foreign Capital Legislation

Legislation to Protect the Value of Turkish Currency

Restructuring Services for Tax Advantage

Consultancy services in accordance with the tax law about planning and establishing the entries of our customers with the most appropriate tax methods.

Supported by creative solutions, it is geared towards the use of appropriate structures.

Support Services for Tax Disputes

In disputes arising between the administration and real or legal persons;

Takes part in the supply of information and opinions to state authorities,

To apply to commissions in compromises and to be present in negotiation commission negotiations,

Services are available.

Tax Services for Real Persons

Services in accordance with Turkish - Turkish - English tax law.

Accounting Support Services

For accounting services

Keeping Uniform Account Plan legal book records,

Preparation of monthly concise declarations, value added tax declarations, stamp tax declarations and Social Security Institution declarations,

Evidence of staff deduction and tracking of appropriations.


Fixed Asset Counting and Control Services

Fixed assets counting and control services, please select your attention to the main headings of the services to be provided by our company.

Counting and controlling fixed assets

Labeling of fixed assets (Barcode)

Determining the differences by making comparisons of the counting results with the existing system

Preparing the Fixed Asset Count Report and presenting it to the concerned